AFBI Library Online

Policies and Regulations

As part of the Library's continued drive to offer transparency regarding all aspects of our service to our customers, the following policies and regulations are available for consultation.



Communications Policy

Effective communication is essential in order to provide good customer service and to fulfil the standards of service set by the Library. The Communication Policy aims to outline our commitment to effective communication by documenting the ways in which we communicate with our customers, our communication objectives and our on-going endeavour to listen to and respond to our customers through active consultation and feedback. 

Comments, compliments, complaints: Customer Feedback Policy

The library makes every effort to provide a high standard of service to all of our customers. However in the event that you wish to comment on any aspect of the service, the Customer feedback policy will outline the process you can follow.

Defaulters Policy

The AFBI Library Defaulters Policy has been created in order to set down the responsibilities of AFBI Library Services and its customers in terms of loans, fines and charges. This document has been produced to establish clear guidelines for all library service points, which is essential if customers are to be treated fairly and consistently throughout the Library. By detailing the variety of methods that customers can avail of to manage their loans and their library account, Library Services aims to encourage good library practice by customers.

Donations policy

The Library is grateful to those who have made donations and who offer unsolicited material to the Library. Many of the items are accepted, ranging from individual works presented by the author to substantial collections, would not otherwise be obtained by the Library and these make an important contribution to research activities at AFBI. The Donations Policy offers guidelines to help potential donors.

Library Regulations

The purpose of the ‌Library Regulations is to enable users to make the fullest use of the University's library resources, buildings and services. The Regulations cover library access, conduct in the Queen's library sites, borrowing and other services and resources.

Resource Development and Management Policy

The Resource Development & Management Policy outlines policy in relation to Library resources. It includes general guidelines on their selection, management and rationalisation in support of research.

New Journal Subscription Proposal - Business Case Form

The New Journal Subscription Proposal - Business Case Form‌ should be completed for any new journal subscription proposals.  The form should be completed, signed by the relevant branch head and returned to the library.