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Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – October 2018

Archer, J.E., Grant, N.W.

Thomson, A.L., Humphries, D.J., Archer, J.E., Grant, N.W., Reynolds, C.K. (2018) Short communication: A survey of grass-clover ley management and creation of a near infra-red reflectance spectroscopy equation to predict clover concentration.  Animal Feed Science and Technology, 245, pp. 48-53.

Davis, J. 

Davis, J. (2018) Communicating Economic Concepts and Research in a Challenging Environment.  Journal of Agricultural Economics, 69(3), pp. 591-605.

Farmer, L.J.

Gravador, R.S., Pace, E., Mooney, B.R., Jaeger, S.R., Gkarane, V., Fahey, A.G., Brunton, N.P., Claffey, N.A., Allen, P., Diskin, M.G., Moloney, A.P., Farmer, L.J., Monahan, F.J. (2018) A consumer study of the effect of castration and slaughter age of lambs on the sensory quality of meat.  Small Ruminant Research, (Article in Press).

Farmer, L.J.

Gkarane, V., Brunton, N.P., Harrison, S.M., Gravador, R.S., Allen, P., Claffey, N.A., Diskin, M.G., Fahey, A.G., Farmer, L.J., Moloney, A.P., Monahan, F.J. (2018) Volatile Profile of Grilled Lamb as Affected by Castration and Age at Slaughter in Two Breeds. Journal of Food Science, 83 (10), pp. 2466-2477.


Farmer, L.J.

Gravador, R.S., Moloney, A.P., Brunton, N.P., Gkarane, V., Allen, P., Fahey, A.G., Claffey, N.A., Diskin, M.G., Farmer, L.J., Monahan, F.J. (2018) Effects of castration and slaughter age on the fatty acid composition of ovine muscle and adipose tissue from two breeds. Small Ruminant Research, 168, pp. 94-100.

Finney, G., Gordon, A., Scoley, G., Morrison, S. J.

Finney, G., Gordon, A., Scoley, G., Morrison, S. J. (2018) Validating the IceRobotics IceQube tri-axial accelerometer for measuring daily lying duration in dairy calves.  Livestock Science, 214, pp. 83-87.

Little, M.W., Welsh, M.D., Barley, J.P., Ferris, C.P.

Little, M.W., Arnott, G.A., Welsh, M.D., Barley, J.P., O'Connell, N.E., Ferris, C.P. (2018) Comparison of total-mixed-ration and feed-to-yield strategies on blood profiles and dairy cow health. Veterinary Record, (Article in Press).

Smith, N., McKillen, J

Smith, N., Power, U.F., McKillen, J. (2018) Phylogenetic analysis of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus isolates from Northern Ireland. Archives of Virology, 163(10), pp. 2799-2804.

Yan, T.

Liu, S., Yuan, M., Jin, D., Wang, Z., Zou, H., Wang, L., Xue, B., Wu, D., Tian, G., Cai, J., Yan, T., Peng, Q. (2018) Effects of the particle of ground alfalfa hay on the growth performance, methane production and archaeal populations of rabbits. PLoS ONE, 13(9), art. no. e0203393


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