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Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – July 2019


Byrne, A.W., Allen, A.R.

Byrne, A.W., Allen, A.R., O'Brien, D.J., Miller, M.A.  (2019)  Editorial: Bovine tuberculosis—international perspectives on epidemiology and management.  Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 6, article no: 202.


Cabezas-Garcia, E.H.

John Wallace, R., Sasson, G., Garnsworthy, P.C., Tapio, I., Gregson, E., Bani, P., Huhtanen, P., Bayat, A.R., Strozzi, F., Biscarini, F., Snelling, T.J., Saunders, N., Potterton, S.L., Craigon, J., Muniti, A., Trevisi, E., Callegari, M.L., Cappelli, F.P., Cabezas-Garcia, E.H., Vilkki, J., Pinares-Patino, C., Fliegerová, K.O., Mrázek, J., Sechovcová, H., Kopecny, J., Bonin, A., Boyer, F., Taberlet, P., Kokou, F., Halperin, E., Williams, J.L., Shingfield, K.J., Mizrahi, I., ...), Shingfield, K.J., Mizrahi, I.  (2019)  A heritable subset of the core rumen microbiome dictates dairy cow productivity and emissions.  Science Advances, 5 (7), article no: eaav8391.


Clements, A.

Westley, K., Plets, R., Quinn, R., McGonigle, C., Sacchetti, F., Dale, M., McNeary, R. Clements, A.  (2019)  Optimising protocols for high-definition imaging of historic shipwrecks using multibeam echosounder.  Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 11 (7), pp.  3629-3645.


Cromie, H., Gallagher, K., McElarney, Y., O’Kane, E., Paul, A., Rosell, R., Vaughan, L., Ward, C.

Macintosh, K.A., Cromie, H., Forasacco, E., Gallagher, K., Kelly, F.L., McElarney, Y., O’Kane, E., Paul, A., Rippey, B., Rosell, R., Vaughan, L., Ward, C., Griffiths, D.  (2019)  Assessing lake ecological status across a trophic gradient through environmental and biological variables.  Science of the Total Environment, 690, pp. 831-840.


Duffy, C., Guelbenzu, M., Fee, S., Forster, F., McMenamy, M.J., Lemon, K. 

Dane, H., Duffy, C., Guelbenzu, M., Hause, B., Fee, S., Forster, F., McMenamy, M.J., Lemon, K. (2019)  Detection of influenza D virus in bovine respiratory disease samples, UK.  Transboundary and Emerging Diseases.  (Article in Press)


Forsythe, I.

Gray, A., Brodschneider, R., Adjlane, N., Ballis, A., Brusbardis, V., Charriere, J.-D., Chlebo, R., Coffey, M., Cornelissen, B., Amaro da Costa, C., Csaki, T., Dahle, B., Danihlik, J., Drazic, M.M., Evans, G., Fedoriak, M., Forsythe, I., de Graaf, D., Gregorc, A., Johannesen, J., Kauko, L., Kristiansen, P., Martikkala, M., Martin-Hernandez, R.,Medina-Flores, C.A., Mutinelli, F., Petrov, P., Raudmets, A., Ryzhikov, V.A., Simon-Delso, N., Stevanovic, J., Topolska, G., Uzunov, A., Vejsnaes, F., Williams, A., Zammit-Mangion, M., Soroker, V.  (2019)  Loss rates of honey bee colonies during winter 2017/18 in 36 countries participating in the COLOSS survey, including effects of forage sources.  Journal of Apicultural Research, 58 (4), pp. 479-485.


Jess, S., Matthews, D.I., Murchie, A.K., Lavery, M.K.

Jess, S., Matthews, D.I., Murchie, A.K., Lavery, M.K.  (2018)  Pesticide use in Northern Ireland's arable crops from 1992-2016 and implications for future policy development.  Agriculture, 8 (8), article no: 123.


Little, M.W., Wylie, A.R.G., Welsh, M.D., Gordon, A., Ferris, C.P.

Little, M.W., Wylie, A.R.G., O'Connell, N.E., Welsh, M.D., Grelet, C., Bell, M.J., Gordon, A., Ferris, C.P. (2019)  Immunological effects of altering the concentrate inclusion level in a grass silage-based diet for early lactation Holstein Friesian cows.  Animal, 13 (4), pp.  799-809.


Madden, R.H.

Hutchison, M.L., Tchorzewska, M.A., Harrison, D., Madden, R.H., Corry, J.E.L.  (2019)  Consequences of Using Two Types of Skin Samples from Chilled Chicken Broiler Carcasses To Measure the Degree of Contamination by Campylobacter spp.  Journal of Food Protection, 82 (7), pp. 1124-1129.


Magowan, E.

McCormack,G U.M., Curião, T., Metzler-Zebeli, B.U., Magowan, E., Berry, D.P., Reyer, H., Prieto, M.L., Buzoianu, S.G., Harrison, M., Rebeiz, N., Crispie, F., Cotter, P.D., O’Sullivan, O., Gardiner, G.E., Lawlor, P.G.  (2019)  Porcine feed efficiency-associated intestinal microbiota and physiological traits: Finding consistent cross-locational biomarkers for residual feed intake.  mSystems, 4 (4), article no: e00324-18.


Milne, M.G., Graham, J., Allen, A., McCormick, C., Presho, E., Skuce, R., Byrne, A.W. 

Milne, M.G., Graham, J., Allen, A., McCormick, C., Presho, E., Skuce, R., Byrne, A.W.  (2019)  Variation in Mycobacterium bovis genetic richness suggests that inwards cattle movements are a more important source of infection in beef herds than in dairy herds.  BMC Microbiology, 19, article no: 154.


Sherry, E. 

Sherry, E.; Shortall, S.  (2019)  Methodological fallacies and perceptions of rural disparity: how rural proofing addresses real versus abstract needs.  Journal of Rural Studies, 68, pp.  336-343.


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