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Supporting Research.

Supporting AFBI.

Our Commitment to You

The Library aims to provide resources, services and expertise which will support all of our customers in pursuit of their learning and research. To this end we have prepared a number of documents will demonstrate our commitment to delivering high quality and excellent services to our customers.

Customer Charter

The Customer Charter details our responsibility to our customers and what you can expect from us and our services. It also establishes what we ask from our customers in return to help us to achieve these aims.

Mission and Values Statement

Our goal is to provide high quality library services and resources in support of the research activities of AFBI and of our other customer groups. The Mission Statement documents this goal and list the values with which we hope to achieve it.

Your Library Representatives

Each research area has a Library Representative.  The role of the Library Representative is to liaise with the Library on matters such as training, new research requirements, initiatives with library resource implications and problems encountered by staff.

Library Representatives also assist the library staff in the dissemination of information on changes to Library procedures, new services, Inter-Library loan vouchers etc.


Standards of Service

The Library's Standards of Service outline our commitment to ensuring a consistent and excellent delivery of service across the Library. 


Library Surveys

The AFBI Library relies on the feedback of our customers to help future decision making and improvements.  Each year we seek feedback through a survey on a particular aspect of the library service.


Last reviewed August 2022