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Anyone registered to use the Library can borrow from its book and pamphlet collections. 


To borrow books from the Library present them at an Issue Desk or get in touch via email or phone to have the books sent by post to your branch.  AFBI staff can borrow 30 books for 12 weeks.

Overdues and recalls

All Library users receive notification from the Library alerting them to return material which is in demand by another reader.  You will have up to one week to return the requested item(s).  Please note that if you have overdue requested items you will not be able to borrow or request library materials until the requested item is returned.

Renewing items

Standard loan books will be automatically renewed 3 times subsequent to the original loan period, unless they have been requested by another customer or your library membership is due to end (e.g. because you have graduated). Your books will automatically be renewed the day before they are due. 

The following items may not be renewed:

  • Requested items If a book that you have on loan is requested by another Library member, we will send you a Book in Demand email asking you to return it. This means you will have up to one week to finish using it, but this may be less depending on when the item was due. (Don’t worry, you can always request the book again if you haven’t quite finished with it).

Sometimes it will not be possible to renew a book even though you haven’t received a Book in Demand email. This could be for a number of reasons:

  • Your book(s) have already been renewed automatically on three previous occasions.
  • Often the library will hold multiple copies of the same title. When all copies are on loan and a request is made for it our system stops the renewal option on all copies to ensure that the request is satisfied as quickly as possible.  Unless you have received a Book in Demand notice then you don't need to worry, you can retain your copy and it will be renewed along with everything else on your account as soon as the actual requested copy is returned.  This will not affect your account, as there will be no charges applied due to the delay in renewing.
  • You owe too much money. Once you pay any outstanding charges you can renew your loans through ‘My Account’.
  • You have an overdue requested book. Please return it to your nearest Library and visit ‘My Account’ to renew your other loans. Please note this type of overdue item will block the renewal of everything else you have on loan until it is returned.
  • Your Library Membership is about to lapse (eg. your contract is expiring). In this case, please return your books by the due date.

Requested items

The library recalls items when they have been requested so that popular items are made available to as many library members as possible

  • You will be emailed if an item you have on loan has been requested by another borrower.
  • You will have a maximum of 1 week to return the item. This new due date will be on the email.
  • If you have overdue requested items you will not be able to borrow or request library materials until the requested item is returned.
  • Requested items cannot be renewed.
  • Standard loan items are subject to recall at any time.

Making Requests

It is possible to reserve any book currently on loan via the Library catalogue or by contacting Issue Desk staff.